Planning a visit to Leeds? Here’s my favourite places to eat, drink and party

Known for it’s buzzing nightlife, Leeds has been ranked one of the UK’s best cities, whether you’re planning on moving here or you’re just visiting or even if you live here but don’t get about that much, I’m your tour guide


Here are some of my favourite places to eat out in the city centre, all perfect if you like getting dressed up and enjoy a fine dining experience or you’re celebrating a special occasion


Location: Minerva house, East parade

There’s good Chinese restaraunts and then there’s Tattu, if I could eat there every day, I would, I can tell you it’s not cheap but the food is unreal, their modern take on Chinese cuisine gives you classic dishes with a twist, think red pepper lamb chops with hot and sour pumpkin and salt and pepper lobster with chilli salt, spring onion and garlic


Location: Greek street

A modern, stylish, Italian restaraunt offering a selection of pizzas, pastas, salads and mains, Gusto is becoming one of Leeds most popular places to eat and I can say I’m never dissatisfied with my food, the pizzas are especially good, they also offer 2 for 1 cocktails

Craft house

Location: Trinity Leeds

Located on the fifth floor of the Trinity shopping centre, craft house not only offers fantastic food but also has a large selection of fine wines, the venue is also available to hire for events such as weddings, also if you’re going to go anywhere for Sunday lunch, craft house is the place

Harvey Nichols fourth floor brassiere

Location: briggate

Located on the fourth floor of the famous Harvey Nichols, the food never disappoints me, their portions may be small but you will still be guaranteed a full stomach at the end and I definitely reccomend that chocolate brownie


Location: south parade

If you want great quality Thai food, choose sukhothai, there is actually 3 sukhothai’s in Leeds but I’ve only had the chance to try the city centre one which is also the flagship, for years I’ve heard good things about the award winning restaurant and after trying it recently I can say it definitely meets the expectations

Bars and clubs

Whether you want to party the night away, just want a few quiet drinks or want to dance but like to chill at the same time, you’re sure to find a place you’ll love, here’s some nightlife spots recommended by me


Location: call lane

If you’re coming for a bar hop in Leeds, call lane is the place you want to be and I can say Norman bar (known by locals as Norman’s) is one of my favourites and if you’re a hip hop/r&b lover, you’ll love it too, if you get there early enough, the bar has a chilled kind of vibe but then at around half 11 things liven up and everyone gets their dancing shoes on


Location: Greek street

One of Greek street’s newest bars, neighbourhood is not just any bar, with its quirky wall papers and decor, instagram worthy cocktails and spontaneous dance displays along with fire breathers and live sax, the New York inspired bar is definitely becoming the ultimate place to be, their DJ’s play a mix of chart, house and r&b, also make sure you get a selfie between the famous “neighbourhood wings”


Location: call lane

If you love to dance to hip hop, r&b and dancehall all night, backroom is the place to go, it’s open until 6am so perfect if you are like me and last til the bitter end, there is an outdoor smoking terrace so when it gets a bit hot, you can always nip outside and socialise, they also have a downstairs bar called door 50A which opens early evening before the party starts, be sure to dress smart as they have a strict dress policy


Location: heatons court

The home of house, if you want to cut shapes all night, head to mission, it has 3 main dance floors and an outdoor terrace, not only is mission recognised as one of the best house music clubs in the north of England, it’s events have attracted big DJ names such as tom Zanetti, MK, Jamie duggan and many more


Location: brewery wharf

The largest venue on the waterfront, oracle has a bar downstairs and then upstairs is the first floor club (pictured) first floor is your ultimate place to party, the stylish club has a large dance floor area, plush leather seating and vip areas and the music is a mix of r&b and house, not only is oracle is the home of candypants, one of the biggest international clubbing events, the venue also attracts celebrities such as sports stars


Location: Trinity Leeds

If you love a high end bar where you can just chill out without having to dance or are looking for somewhere to start your night out, Angelica is the perfect place for you, located in the trinity shopping centre, below craft house, the instagrammable bar has a roof top terrace overlooking the city which is perfect for hot summer days when all you want to do is day drink in the sun

Jakes bar and still room

Location: call lane

Another of my favourite bars on call lane, dance to the r&b bangers whilst sipping the nicest cocktails, how does that sound?, I mean you can drink anything you want but jakes speciality is cocktails and I promise you they’re a treat