Place to visit: The spa at Rudding Park hotel

So the other day my mum found a voucher she got given for her birthday for a luxury spa experience and she said to me “oh Amy, it runs out tomorrow!”, so we had to quickly book in for the next day and cancel our plans, I was really excited because I’d actually never been on a spa day and I can tell you it was amazing, scroll down to find out why you should visit Rudding Park and what it has to offer

What is the name of it? Rudding Park hotel and spa

Where is it? Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Has it won any awards? It was awarded best newcomer and recognised as the best spa in the UK by the good spa guide in 2017

What happened when we arrived? when we arrived in reception we were told to fill out and sign some forms then we were given a tour of the spa by a member of staff who explained to us about the facilities, not only did they provide comfy white robes and a choice of either flip flops or slippers, they also gave us a cafe voucher so we could get a free water infusion and snack, we decided to do that first as we knew we’d be having afternoon tea later, before I talk you through the spa, I’ll quickly tell you that the afternoon tea is yummy, it consists of sandwiches, mini cakes and a scone with jam and cream.

What does the spa have to offer? The spa offers treatments such as massages, facials, pedicures etc, you can either have one 50 minute treatment or two 25 minutes ones then you have access to the mind and sense zones but because we booked it so last minute, unfortunately they couldn’t fit us in for any treatments so instead we chose the roof top spa and garden experience which I actually think was better, last year Rudding Park opened the UK’s first ever roof top spa, it has two saunas, an indoor pool, a hydrotherapy infinity pool, an outdoor jacuzzi, foot spas, an experience shower, a luxury steam room, a herbal steam room plus a garden, we were really lucky because it was one of the hottest days of the year so it was lovely to relax in the garden on a lounger in the sun, it was just like being on holiday for a day and we got to stay for 5 hours and could do whatever we wanted, you can buy alcoholic and soft drinks in the spa and take them outside with you but not inside, I must tell you their prosecco was the nicest prosecco I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried a lot of prosecco, they also had heated beds but obviously with it being summer they weren’t needed but I’d love to come in winter when it’s cold and lie on one of those, you can also have a mud treatment called mud rasul ritual for a reduced price of £15 per person when you visit the roof top spa but I chose not to

When can I visit the spa? you can visit the spa in the morning, afternoon or evening

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