10 ways we can say goodbye to todays dishonest dating culture

What is the dating game? If you ask me, it’s a game of “let’s see who can try to act like they care less in order to get someone else to care more”, I’ve always felt as though I’m old fashioned when it comes to dating and hope one day people go back to dating how they used to and I’m not talking about buying flowers, that’s not my cup of tea, I’m not talking about men paying for dates, I believe in equal rights and think dating should be 50/50, I’m talking about not playing games, showing someone you care and just being honest, here are 10 things to do in order to create a dating culture that isn’t based around playing games

1. Be clear about what you want

What are you looking for? A long term relationship? Just a bit of fun? Be clear to the other person about what it is you want because if you both want different things, one of you will end up being disappointed

2. Stop playing these mind games

If you know you’re playing with someone’s emotions, put yourself in that persons shoes and just be honest

3. Go on dates

Going out for dinner or drinks isn’t signing a marriage license, it’s supposed to be fun

4. Find out about people and their lives

Don’t be afraid to ask people about their work life, their brothers and sisters, hobbies and interests, what adventures they’ve been on or their favourite alcoholic and non alcoholic drink

5. Stop using people

Don’t date someone because for their bank balance, lifestyle or because you’re bored or lonely, date them because you like them

6. Don’t talk yourself down, you’re good enough for anyone

You’ve got to stop this “I’m not good enough” or “they’re out of my league”, if there’s someone you like, go for it!, if you keep talking yourself down or walking around believing you’re worthless then you won’t attract what you want in the way you want it

7. If you’re interested in someone, please don’t pretend you’re not

Playing hard to get is not the way forward, if you pretend you’re not into someone, how will they ever know you like them as much as they like you?, they’ll only give up and move onto someone else, so text back, text first and make some effort

8. Stop caring what people think

Just be yourself and do what’s best for YOU because you will drive yourself crazy trying to please everyone because you can’t please everyone, that’s that

9. Don’t try to make the other person jealous

It won’t make them like you more, it’ll only push them away

10. Realise that you’re young and dating is about learning

it’s not about picking your perfect life partner or the best hook up of your life, we are young, dating is fun, we’re still learning, bad dates aren’t a waste of time or money, they’re experiences