5 fun and easy ways to keep your New Years resolution to stay fit and healthy

I’m aware January is when a lot of you work on your summer bodies and a lot of you will have made New Years resolutions to stay fit and healthy, I don’t have any holidays planned and I didn’t make any resolutions as I don’t believe in them but I am trying to stay fit and healthy myself and here are 5 fun and easy things to do that will help you maintain your goals

1. Get a reusable water bottle and remember to add fruit

Drinking enough water maintains fluid balance which transports nutrients, regulates body temperature, and digests food, dehydration lowers energy levels and brain function, proper hydration will also keep skin clear and flush away toxins. Since my mum bought me a reusable water bottle, I’ve found it so much easier to remember to drink water especially as you can fill it with fruit which is a bit more exciting, not only does it add a flavour, it will add minerals and vitamins to the water, lemon, cucumber and mint is a nice combination

2. Fancy a snack in between meals? Forget the chocolate, have something healthy

My favourite snack is kinder chocolate or any chocolate for that matter but there are other delicious HEALTHIER things you can snack on such as raw carrots, apple slices, grapes, Greek yogurt, cherry tomatoes, fried egg on toasted wholemeal or cucumber sticks with hummus

3. Do more walking

It’s as simple as getting off the bus a couple of stops early or if you’re a driver, try walking to places you don’t really need to drive to such as the supermarket, always use the stairs instead of the lift, instead of inviting your friend to meet for a coffee, why not see if they fancy going on a walk instead

4. Set yourself a workout challenge

Many of us including me go to the gym, have a personal trainer or take part in fitness classes but it doesn’t harm you to set yourself your own challenge you can do at home, it could be something like 20 sit ups when I get up, 20 star jumps while getting ready, 20 squats while dinners cooking, 20 push ups before bed and do it for maybe a month

5. Find a podcast you enjoy and listen to it when you’re at the gym

Podcasts are a great way to gain motivation and it will mean you will look forward to working out more, think of it as if I don’t go to the gym, I won’t get to hear the next episode, go on Spotify and search for podcasts from your favourite actors and youtubers or just something that suits your interests or humour, it will definitely cut time shuffling through that music playlist too