Morphe M495 duo deluxe fan brush: the multi use brush you need in your make up bag

If you’re a make up junkie who binge watches YouTube tutorials by popular beauty gurus then Morphe Brushes shouldn’t be a stranger to you, known for their colourful palettes and great quality brushes, Morphe have gained huge popularity on Instagram and YouTube, I’ve been using their brushes for some time now and I can’t say I have any complaints, the brushes are really high quality and apply really well, they are also affordable to say they are the same quality as most Mac brushes I’ve used, I’m about to tell you all about my most recent purchase, the M495 duo deluxe fan brush

I wanted to try a thick fan brush for so long so when it came to replacing my brush collection I decided to go for this one. Let me start with the bristles, they are synthetic and really soft and don’t at all feel harsh on the skin, I purposely bought it to blend out any harsh lines in my contour, blush or highlight and remove any excess product and I can say it works amazingly for both those purposes however I tried applying my contour with it and it worked amazing, really fits into the hollows of the cheeks so my usual contour brush may have a bit of competition, I then noticed a few people talking about using it for highlight, I personally prefer a small pointed brush but I gave it a try and it made my highlight POP and applied it really well, it can also be used as a bronzing or finishing powder brush. I’m really impressed with this brush, it works really well for powder formulas and did I also mention it blends perfectly, I would rate this brush 10/10 for application and quality.