15 life lessons I learnt this year

Ok so were 2 months away from 2020, scary i know, it doesn’t seem a minute since last new years eve, 2019 has been a pretty decent year for me, good things have happened, great people and opportunities have entered my life, each year you grow and learn new things in life and I thought I’d do a recap on some things that this year has taught me and share them with you. Some of these things a few years ago wouldn’t have made sense to me and as I was writing this I realised how this year has shaped me into a better person and these 15 things I will take note of.

1. What you think about, you create

What you create in your head, you manifest in real life, like if you keep thinking about a situation that hasn’t yet occurred, you are attracting energy to it

2. When you’re stressed, go to the gym

It actually really helps, I always feel I work harder and it is good for shaking it off, i’ve been going to the gym for years but i’ve only recently discovered this solution

3. It’s never too late to go back into education

When I was younger I wasn’t interested in education at all and had no intentions of going to uni when I was 18, at 25 I’ve started my online degree with the open university and i’m really enjoying it

4. Me time is important

its good for you take time for you and your mind and it can be quite nice to do things alone, for example i love going and sitting in starbucks and having a coffee which i am doing as we speak while writing this blog post

5. Some lessons need to be re learned

some things you didn’t learn the first time so they reappear to teach you the lesson again until you’ve learnt it

6. It’s ok to break your diet

you don’t need to cut out junk food completely to “eat healthily”, theres nothing wrong with a bit of balance, just because you ate a chocolate bar after dinner or had a couple of gin and tonics doesn’t mean you broke your diet, chocolate is good for the soul and so is gin

7. If you feel angry, just laugh about it because you’re going to laugh in the end so you may aswell start now

this is one i actually need to practice more but its true, in a years time you’ll be laughing about that thing making you mad

8. If ever in doubt, go without

do those shoes match your dress? does that skirt look wrong with that top? do i like that colour lipstick or do i hate it? if you’re ever in doubt, your doubt is usually right

9. Being grateful highers your vibration

this is one my mum actually taught me, she recently bought me a gratitude journal to fill in and it really works

10. Age is just a number 

in your 20’s you will have friends that are getting married, are buying houses and have their dream careers, you may have none of these things but that doesn’t mean you should be just because you’re a certain age, people are on different paths in life, you’re on your path and they’re on theirs

11. It’s easier to be nice

it takes so much energy to be nasty, just be nice, you could make someones day and you will also feel better in yourself

12. Always check up on those around you

if ever you sense a friend is going through a tough time, always make sure they’re ok, you could make a difference just by being there

13. Negative outcomes can be experience and practice

so for example, if you put all your energy and effort into something like a job interview and you don’t get hired, it was an experience and the feedback from that interview can help you smash the next interview you go to so see it as a practice for the job you’re going to get

14. It’s not about who you’ve known the longest

Someone you’ve known 6 months could have better intentions than someone you’ve known 8 years, everyone comes into your life for a reason and just because they’ve been there a long time doesn’t mean they’re destined to stay

15. If it doesn’t spark joy, put it in the charity bag

if you’re tidying your room and you come across something in your drawer thats just been sitting there the past 3 years and you’re never going to use it or that dress in your wardrobe you never wear, just give it to charity, having it living in your room untouched isn’t going to do anything for your positive energy and someone somewhere will put it to some use